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Top 3 Questions To Ask Your Pressure Washing Company

The following are questions that every person who is looking to hire a power washing company should ask:

1. Does your pressure washing company have insurance?

Look, accidents happen. You want to make sure the person using a pretty powerful machine is covered. Just. In. Case.

If a pressure washing company is reputable and has insurance any damage that is done on you property will be completely covered under THEIR insurance. Patriot Power Washing has a $2 million policy and has never had a claim.

2. What method of washing is your pressure washing company going to use?

You should also ask the company if they use the soft wash method or hard pressure method. The hard pressure method is not recommended for vinyl siding as it can and most often will damage it. Insert picture of blown off siding. Learn more about soft wash vs hard wash methods here.

3. Does your pressure washing company offer a guarantee?

I would recommend that you ask if they have some kind of a guarantee of their work. No one is perfect everyone makes mistakes but you want to know that if a company makes a mistake they will make it right. At Patriot Power Washing, we offer a 30 day guarantee on all work. Which means if you are not satisfied with the work we will go back and make sure you are satisfied.

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